Nootropics -tablet of the future



We live in times of development, technology, evolution and breakthrough. Pharmaceutical markets are filled with various medicines. Many shelves are filled with empty tablets, which have only a placebo effect or can harm their not fully studied side effects. Marketing tricks are completely confused. Including with nootropics. But is everything so bad or are there any breakthroughs in nootropics?

To begin with, what exactly are nootropics?

Nootropics drugs to improve brain function. They differ in the mechanism of action, compositions, indications, features of ingestion and the presence of side effects.

They come in the form of drugs, and biological supplements.

Nootropics still do not have their own group in the international drug classification. And they are combined with psychostimulants. They are still under study

But the evidence base of synthetic nootropics is enough to tell exactly who the nootropics are suitable for.

First of all, I would like to note that nootropic devices act only in course use and with certain doses. Therefore, it is important that the appointment be under the supervision of a doctor. Despite the fact that they are all prescription agents, there is no subject account for nootropics. And therefore, you can purchase them from a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. Nevertheless, buying and using nootropes without consulting a specialist for the purpose of self-medication is categorically not recommended.

To whom do nootropics still suit?

  1. for the treatment of children

  2. for adults

  3. for teenagers

  4.  for the elderly.

  5. for healthy people (in the form of bio-supplements) and sick people (medical treatment, under the supervision of a doctor.)

In the vast majority of cases, these drugs are well tolerated by patients and have extremely minor side effects (with the exception of their use at doses exceeding therapeutic ones - then intoxication is possible).

At this time, drugs that include nootropics or substances with a nootropic effect are becoming increasingly popular both among doctors, biohackers and ordinary people. Many predict that nootropic or "smart tablets" are the first steps to posthumous. A person with complete control over emotions and mental state, and with a long, healthy life. The fast-growing movement of "nootropics" is based on the idea of ​ ​ taking dopings for the brain so that you can focus better, think faster and work more efficiently.

Is it possible to take these drugs and drug mixtures for a long time?

No one is sure of this, despite the fact that this, of course, is not a new idea. According to Giurgea, nootropics should be able to increase training efficiency, improve information processing and increase activity between the two hemispheres of the brain, along with lack of addiction and non-toxicity.

But there are currently no real ways to determine the consequences of the long-term effects on the brain of psychotropic drugs. And there are legal problems with them. So modafinil, used to treat narcolepsy, was tested, turned out to be safe, and is used by Air Force pilots to increase waking time during long flights. But selling it without a prescription in the UK is illegal. However, it is quite legal to sell nootropics that have not been tested.

Nootropics are used not only for the treatment of serious diseases, but also in ordinary life.

The highest standard of evidence-based medicine is a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial. Participants in the experiment are divided into groups by random selection, and neither patients nor scientists know which one receives the drug being tested and which one receives a placebo. Such a study allows us to eliminate systemic errors as much as possible and despite only questionably useful dietary supplements, there are still a lot of drugs with clinically proven effectiveness. Nevertheless, scientists . Medics and pharmacists continue to research and study all possible factors and risks.

And if you are in search of "smart pills," it is worth considering a visit to the right specialist to eliminate risks and not get on the marketing trap, but take the right drugs for you.